Saturday, May 21, 2011

These Last Few Weeks - Part 2

I've been trying to find a good online video or youtube video with the lyrics to this beautiful song by Michael W Smith, titled "Hello, Good-bye". Below is the best I could find ... its a tribute to triplets who died too soon, but they have the lyrics added in ... I love the song

Over the years and as I have walked along the road of sorrow I've found that art and music can provide much healing therapy. I've been searching out appropriate songs this past week and compiled them together in a playlist on you tube.

And years ago it became my habit to make Psalm 23 bracelets whenever I was troubled or could not sleep. It keeps my hands busy, yet doesn't require as much concentration as some crafts. So the other night started making psalm 23 bracelets again. Wednesday I needed some more beads and a friend offered to drive me to a local bead store near our home. The lady working in the bead store happened to have made these adorable little angels from beads ... I was so taken with them. She took time right then and there to teach me how to make them. So, bow I can change it up ... Psalm 23 bracelets some sleepless nights and tiny beaded angels on other nights.

Here are a few pictures of my newest angels and bracelets:

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