Friday, June 10, 2011

My Vision Of Them ...

I've had visions or dreams or hazy thoughts about those I love in heaven for years now. Its hard to love someone so much and then think of never seeing them again. One vision I continue to have is of my sweet almost-sister, Missy (not my biological sister but a close friend who lived with us while were in high school). When asked we always just answered "yes, we're sisters" ... anyway we lost our first angel baby back in 2004. Then I lost my sister in 2006 ... there has always been something comforting about the fact that my sister would be there in heaven with my babies. Now, I know there are no tears and no pain or sorrow in heaven, my babies will never know sadness or lonliness, but I'm not in heaven and really have no possible way of comprehending what its like for them. The bible assures me they are at peace and I believe that. Still, I can't help but have these visions and images of of my beautiful sister, Missy healed and healthy glowing and white and she is not alone, she is holding the smallest of my babies with such love and care while the other three sit and cuddle near by. Its a calming image in my mind and it brings me peace. The photo above was the last photo ever taken of my sister, she was visiting my home in Jan 2006, just a few weeks before she passed away. The baby she was snuggling is Zeke (he is 5 now)

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