Wednesday, September 21, 2011

GMG in 1 John ~ Week 1

This week begins the Good Morning Girls 12 week study though the book of 1 John. My summer has been full of sadness and loss ... but my God has been graciously by my side. I am currently feeling flat, sad and defeated ... with very little energy to keep up with much of a bible study. But I know in my heart that to overcome and live the life God wants me to live I need to find a way to soak in His Word on a daily basis. I need to stop trying to just survive day to day on my own will and strength and instead immerse myself in love and worship for my great God, so I will once again see and hear His call and His plan for my life. The plan and method the Good Morning Girls are using looks to be a great way for me to start. The daily reading is short (usually 1 or 2 verses) followed by a short writing assignment ... but that gives me all day to look up, think about, and meditate on those verses (and hopefully have something to write down about them). It is truly His Word that I will spend time digging into and praying over ... no one else's interpretation ... just what the Lord wants to reveal to me each day.

I would love to hear if other women are also out there joining the Good Morning Girls in this study of 1 John ... what are your motives? what are your hopes for this study? do you already have a set time and place that you do a quiet time? or is this a habit you are hoping this study helps you learn? or like in my case re-learn?

If you are joining us this fall and looking daily at 1 John, I hope you will share with me from time to time your insights and observations of the verses we are reading. I will try and post at least weekly about the observations and/or applications the Lord is showing me as I study His Word. This week already I have been struck by the tone of excitement I sense in 1 John 1:1-4. In my Good Morning Girls facebook group many of us have commented on the fact that John is basically giving his credential ... like he is saying 'You can believe me because I saw him, I heard, I touched him ... I was there!!! And Believe me Jesus is the Messiah, the One who is eternal life, the one who was with God from the beginning!!!' He has seen and heard and touched and now he wants those he is writing to to know what he knows. Reading these verses makes me excited to read the rest of 1 John.

If you have not yet learned of The Good Morning Girls or if you have not printed out the E-book click HERE to read more and see God at work in the lives of women around the world.


  1. I promise to check out your site as I learn to use more of the resources available through GMG. I'm a grandma with chronic pain currently on disability. God has slowed me down whether I like it or not. I am trying to see how God uses my chronic pain to prove that life is good. I'm already grateful to GMG as it offers me a chance to have that "fellowship" we have focused on this week. I would be honored if you check out my blog at God bless as you work through your pain.

  2. I have experienced a lot of loss this summer as well, although not to say goodbye to babies. Just being in God's word a little bit each morning has helped a lot. The level of reading and meditation in the 1 John study does not intimidate me, which allows me to dig even deeper. I hope you can get healing and comfort.

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog through the GMG link up the other day! My reason for doing this study is mostly to keep myself accountable for having a morning devotional time--I definitely need to refocus on the Word at this time in my life! Thank you for sharing your situation with others...God's peace be with you today.