Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Medical answers ... or lack there of ...

Often, moms who have suffered through repeated miscarriages will ask multitudes of questions and seek some answers ...

Why did this happen?
Is there something wrong with my uterus?
Is there something we could have done medically?
Did I do something I should not have done?
Will it happen again if I get pregnant again?

I am no different and I have asked those questions and many more of my doctor. We agreed to run several blood tests (ok, more like dozens)and possibly a hysteropingogram after my next cycle. I got a call today that the labs came back very good ... nothing showing up like genetic mutations, or clotting disorders. My thyroid, blood sugars and hemoglobin are within the normal ranges. We knew, from blood work during my pregnancies, that my progesterone was very low and this latest blood work shows my Vitamin D is almost non existent (even though I am on a vitamin D supplement). So I will need even more vitamin D and if/when we get pregnant again I will need progesterone supplements. We do know that I have 2 uteruses and 2 cervixes so the shape and anatomy of my uterus could be a factor in having had 4 miscarriages. This is why my doctor would like the hysteropingogram, it basically involves injecting dye into the uterus (or in my case both uteruses) and then taking several x-rays to see where the dye goes. It gives an idea of the shape and cavity of the uterus. Sounds less than enjoyable, right? I'm still up in the air as to whether or not we will do it, still waiting to hear if insurance will cover it, for one thing. And since my body has been able to hold 5 successful pregnancies in the last 15 years I'm not convinced its a necessary step. But I suppose the image of my unique didelphic uterus would be of interest to my OB doctor.

In our case I suspect we will find no definite medical answers. Could my uteruses be the cause ... yes, but I have had successful pregnancies before, as have other women with dipephic uteruses. Could my low progesterone be the cause ... yes, but I have never needed them in previous pregnancies. So now we wait upon God ... Continue to trust that he does indeed have a plan for our family. I meditate on scripture and breath daily prayers ... trying to bring my emotions along side what my head knows.


  1. Yuck! I know how unpleasant those tests are. It stinks that after all the time, effort, money, and pain involved, there are still so few answers. Good luck!

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