Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I had to drop one of my kids off at church this morning ... he will be gone for the next 6 days with our church youth group on a service mission trip. I love the group he is going with and I know all will be fine ... but my mommy heart is saddened by each good-bye. I know how precious each moment together is and I don't want to waste any of the moments I have. Living through Loss has taught me to treasure each moment ... because we never know when there will be no more moments.

But, the good Lord blessed me by what was played on the radio while we drove to church this morning:

I definitely have "baggage" I need to let go of and set down ... some of it from this journey of loss and some of it from long before I ever lost a baby. Its a work in progress, this learning how to let go ... how to move on. Actually I am a work in progress.

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